Mission Viejo Residents: Water Damage from Slab Leaks

The 1970’s was an explosive time of growth for the city of Mission Viejo.  The number of houses being built and the warm and friendly communities being developed made it an attractive place to live for growing families.  A number of these new homes were built with slab foundations and copper pipes run through the slab.  The problem is, the alkalinity of concrete has a tendency to deteriorate the copper pipes thereby increasing the possibility for slab leaks to occur.  It’s very typical for cracks to occur in the pipes and suddenly the carpet inside your home is wet or your hardwood floor has suffered water damage.

Pro Water Damage Inc. is very experienced at handling any type of slab leak.  From arranging the right plumber to fix the problem, taking care of cleaning, sanitizing and drying out the damaged areas, to guiding you through the insurance process for the project, Pro Water Damage Inc. is here to help, any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

More than likely, your insurance company has certain criteria for covering your water damage from a slab leak.  Typically, it would have to be a sudden burst and not a slow, gradual drip that occured over time.  Mission Viejo homes that have slab foundations often suffer water damage and require restoration services.  Make sure your insurance policy covers slab leaks when you purchase your policy.

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