We’re Approved By Your Insurance Company

When it comes to insurance claims, you never know if you should file a claim or wait for the next disaster to come.  If your home is flooded with water, now is the time to use the insurance that you’ve paid into for so long!  Let us help navigate you through the maze of how to deal with your insurance company in order to get you the best service for the policy you have.

Should you call your insurance first or call Pro Water Damage Inc. first?  As experts in the field who have years of experience working with virtually all insurance companies, the answer is ~ Call Pro Water Damage Inc. first!  Why, you ask?  Because your insurance company expects you to take necessary precautions to prevent further damage from occurring.  When your house is on fire, you immediately call for emergency response from the professionals.  The same is true when water disasters strike –  you must call a water damage restoration company quickly to mitigate the problem.

Water is fluid and fast traveling.  When combined with materials such as wood, carpeting, porous dry wall and insulation it soaks in and mixes with the composition of the material it comes in contact with.  If not dried out properly, mold begins to develop and significant health problems begin to fester.

Pro Water Damage Inc. works with all insurance companies and we will directly bill your insurance company so you incur no out of pocket costs.  Insurance companies require contracting companies to use the Xactimate estimating and invoicing program.  This program allows us to offer our customers fair and reasonable industry standard pricing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding how to effectively use your insurance for water and flood damage problems.  Issues such as pipe breaks, toilet overflows, slab leaks, water supply line breaks or accidental fire sprinkler set offs are typically covered under your insurance policy.  Let us help you to navigate through the insurance waters!

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